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Which is the best track saw? Ready. Fight!

As you can see in the comparison chart below, Festool TS track saws are undoubtedly the best track saws available. Having pioneered track saw technology, Festool has had nearly half of a century to refine and perfect its track saw to make them the best track saws on the market.

The best track saw offers the most features and functionality, superior dust collection, the broadest range of available accessories, and the best service and support. Considering those factors, Festool is the clear winner.

TS 75 EQ
Greatest depth of cut (2-15/16") dot
Most powerful (1,600 watts) dot
Splinter-free cut on both sides of the blade dot dot
Slip clutch (Safety feature) dot
Riving knife (Safety feature) dot dot dot
Micro-adjustable depth of cut dot
Flat housing for flush cutting dot dot
Best bevel range (-1° to 47°) dot
Best dust collection (up to 96%) dot dot
Lightest weight (9.7 lbs. vs. 9.9 lbs.) dot
Smooth pivoting plunge action dot dot dot
Removable, replaceable power cord dot dot
Optional cross-cut table (MFT/3) dot dot    
Best range of accessories dot dot
Available guide rail sizes 8 8 2 3
Available branded saw blades 6 7 1 1
Warranty 3-Year 3-Year 1-Year 3-Year

* Competitor's information as published on 3/1/2013.